About Us

Mission Statement

Predicated on the Mitzvah of “V’Ahavta L’Re’a’cha Kamocha – love your neighbor as yourself,” we seek to foster a sense of Jewish identity and belonging by engaging Jewish students at their own pace and comfort level in a warm and non-judgmental environment, and by offering innovative educational programs in all areas of Jewish life.

Our Vision

  • To serve as an educational resource for the next generation of Jewish leaders and thinkers.
  • To encourage students to explore and deepen their Jewish identity through education, traditional service, and connection with Israel.
  • To become a model for engaging students in a way that recognizes the unique qualities of a small liberal arts community.

How We Do It

  • Welcome students of all backgrounds to explore their Jewish identity.
  • Create a safe space for discussion about Israeli history and politics.
  • Provide a rich program of Jewish cultural, educational, and religious activities – from discussion groups, to mentoring, to Shabbat dinners and holiday observances.
  • Maintain a home-away-from-home environment with residential directors who are responsive to the individual needs of each student.